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Expat in Brussels

« Expats in Brussels » is firstly a bilingual paper guide and free, consisting of 300 pages which is an indispensable tool for your move to Brussels, and which will be extremely useful throughout your first year.

If you haven't as yet received the Guide  from your employer, Embassy, real estate agent, relocation agent or language school, you can get one free-of-charge in the big Brussels bookshops.


« Expats in Brussels » is also an I-Phone and Androïd application (app). Your settling in will be greatly facilitated by the use of this application which covers, by section, all the necessary/useful addresses in Brussels. Its geolocation allows you to find them in relation to the place where you live, or where you are, or at an address which you have entered into this app.  It also enables you to call, to send a mail,/an email to visit a website immediately.

Expat in Brussels


« Expats in Brussels » is an internet website on which:

- You can download the Guide

- Consult the Guide online

- Via the heading/section “news” to be informed about the regular updates of the Guide, that is to say, all which is changing or evolving in Brussels.

- To place or consult the “small ads” free-of-charge (the headings “real estate” (for sale or rent) and “activities” (everything going on in Brussels at the time you look into the site) has had great success.

- You subscribe to the Newsletter 4 times/year


“Expats in Brussels” has a  “Facebook” page which will give you a good idea of all you can do in Brussels, accessible even if one doesn't speak the national languages!


“Expats in Brussels” is on “Twitter”, a melting pot of “tips” which could be of interest to Expats.

- Coming soon, a super “photo competition” on Brussels

This year, the deliveries are executed by « Ecopostale », zero CO2 emission company, and the guide is printed on a paper PEFC (Pan European Forest Certification)

Your ideas, remarks and questions are all welcome!!

Expat in Brussels

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